Drew Wolford

About My Work


If you have seen my portfolio or visited the homepage of this website, it’s quite obvious that I am drawn to nature. While a lot of my photography focuses on people in the great outdoors, I am also extremely passionate about examining the beautiful world beneath our feet via macrophotography. My macrophotography work mainly focuses on insects and arachnids. 

If you are interested in purchasing prints, click below.
*I do not sell digital downloads of my work.

About My Work


Wolford Studio is a small company composed of me, myself, and I.
That said, I take great pride in my work and truly believe I am selling art that not only looks incredible, but will last a lifetime. I only build with REAL WOOD and can customize just about any feature you would like on your picture frame. If you are looking for a quality wooden picture frame to put a photograph of mine (or yours!) in, check out some of my work.

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